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    To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Shirogorov V.

    Ukrainian наложницы. Turkish onslaught. The English absract. Vladimir Shirogorov. Usually they are treated as pure tactical or troops organizational. But really they ascended to the decisive social and political meanings. The tactical state The story started in the rise of the founder of the Ottoman state наложницы bey Osman from a paltry obscurity of a mountain semi-nomadism and a petty plunder of Greek neighbors to the status of the pivotal danger for the Byzantine empire in the Western Anatolia.

    In his leap to the control over Bithynia the bey not only leads his clan mounted militia and his personal host of mongol-style horse nokers but секс the urban infantry of yayarun brotherhoods of nearby Muslim towns. The infantry became his anchor in the blockade of Nicaea of and gave the weight to his army in the followed battle of Bapheus where he crashed the Constantinople amphibious expedition султан debris.

    After the Bapheus battle both nomadic warriors of the Turkish tradition and the urbane Султан of the Persian inheritance became fundamental for the development of structures, practices and секс of the Early Ottoman state.

    The strong and clear causality of the tactics and the troops organization for the state building became intrinsic for the Ottoman way. The bridges are virtual but solid. They are the comprehension of the armed struggle by the Ottoman government leaders, generals and other decision- makers, including of course the broad population especially in the times of disturbances.

    The comprehension of the armed struggle together with the practice of fighting had been giving birth to military organization and tactical methods which formed up the army. The army required social base and political edifice. Somebody built them. The army is the institution which is absolutely not hanging in the секс. The army is the tool of the struggle and it could be understood only in the struggle. For the task of research it means the necessity to treat the army in wars.

    The test program is the specific one: they are tried in clashes with enemies. It helps to determine the fighting meaning of the organizational and tactical military tools, to enlist the authors of them and to establish their political and social embodiments.

    Turkey was the set of military, political, social and ideological institutions and phenomena worked out during two hundred years of the turbulent past. We have to catch and vivisect them. Because they determined the fate of Ottoman Turkey in the Seventeen century.

    And they staged секс armed struggle for the Eastern Europe which is unimaginable without Turkey. As well as Turkey is inconceivable without the armed struggle for the Eastern Europe.

    The last decade of the Sixteen century and the first two decades of the Seventeen one were decisive for the Ottoman history of the Early Modern time. They fiercely fought with Habsburgs and with Safavids, they dealt with domestic disturbances of the unprecedented scale and passed the severe economic crisis. Even the weather became dramatic as the people walked in the shock over the ice of froze Bothorus from Asia to Europe. And in the decades Turkey entered the struggle for the partition and domination of the Eastern Europe.

    It demanded all her abilities to wage war султан win. Or as minimum to survive. The survival interrogation In spite of the predominantly civil nature of the Islamic law sharia and Наложницы state traditions, Ottoman Turkey was constituted as the cluster of military practices receiving the social and economic essences as derivative ones. Constituted they returned on fields of fighting to be chopped and shot in order to give birth to the next generation of changes.

    During two hundred years until the end of the Sixteen century Ottoman Turkey was the best in Europe and Asia successive work of the Military Darwinism of Walter Runciman It lays наложницы the Ottoman fall in the historical interrogation of tactical questions and state building answers. The Ukrainian trident The importance of the struggle for the partition and domination of Eastern Europe could be deducted or constructed. In the deduction it became evident that after the closing of the Long War of — until the final Vienna campaign of almost three quarters of the century Balkans and Hungary were the silent territories of a small war.

    The Long war was closed by Ottomans as the winning side. The Vienna campaign became the catastrophe. If not in Balkans and Hungary the Ottoman might had been eroded somewhere else. The eternal second front of Ottomans — the fight with Shiite Persia, their main rival in the Near East, the Middle East and in the Islamic world, was silent since s. Persia cease to be the military or ideological danger for Ottomans. The third region of the Ottoman military dedication and the main direction of their expansion in the наложницы decades of the Seventeen century was the Eastern Europe — Russian and Polish borderlands which had been gathering with Tatars Wild Steppes and Turkish Секс Sea shores in the Ukraine.

    They never returned. They were lost in action. The dash of the Ukrainian spike of the Ottoman geopolitical trident was so traumatic for Turkey that it collapsed under Vienna and rolled down beyond retrieve afterwards.

    The wrestle total and messianic In change of the deduction to the construction the common picture of the competition between states has to be taken into султан account. The Seventeen century was crucial for the султан states building over Early Modern Europe including Ottoman Turkey. All villains of the uncompromising rivalry for the geopolitical domination and for resources and the status jumped up and all victims were chased and наложницы to beg under the gun barrel.

    The quarrel spared victims German наложницы, Spain, Portugal, Dane, Italian territories from the annihilation. Changing sides and maneuvering victims had chances to survive.

    Another chance consists of their own states building: all of them were states with good or bad but existing governance organizations наложницы armies.

    They were capable to wage own wars. They were not doomed. The united state of Russia got the shape as in th the militaries who took over the power in the Shujsky coup of spread over the country the unitary legislation of the appointments rule, the local self-government, the General fiscal and legislative Assembly and the joint army of the regular infantry and the gentry horse.

    In Eastern Europe no players besides Poland and Moscow survived or emerged. The struggle for the секс of the region or for the domination in it султан as the wrestle of the two. As always in султан case the contenders developed not only resources and fighting strokes, they have worked out special ideologies of the single combat — messianic ones. By the end of the Sixteen century all other states, lands and peoples of the Секс Europe became preys in the wrestle of Poland and Moscow.

    Even Tartars who formerly had been enjoying the position of the Eastern European superpower were defeated, split to minor hordes and victimized.

    Their nomadic Wild Steppes became the spoil for the Polish-Moscow conquering and colonizing секс. It was the reason behind great geopolitical surprise when in two last decades of Sixteen century Sweden from the North and Turkey from the South burst in the exclusive Polish-Moscow struggle with equally ambitious aspirations. Both powers came with the core idea of the Sea Domination: the Turks as masters of the Black Sea shores, the Swedes pressing to master the Baltic open sea.

    But entering the struggle they understood the rule: to contend for the Eastern Europe you have to be not only resourceful and daring — you have to be messianic as well. Turkey had her messianic idea from long ago.

    Sweden invented her messianic idea just in hand. The orthodox Russian grip suits to be broken as секс as the Catholic Polish one.

    The lonely wrestle of Poland and Moscow became the struggle of the four. It was the clash of the conception of the sea-based domination versus the conception of the hinterland-based domination. It was the messianic confrontation without compromises. If in the Western and Central Europe the geopolitical struggle including the Ottoman-Habsburg contest in Hungary was the competition for territories, resources and statuses, in the Eastern Europe it was converted in the total war for the survival with the stake of the future only for the one.

    In the Eastern European struggle for the supremacy your choice was not to catch the lordship or to continue in the second rate obscurity наложницы to win and survive or to perish. It was the reason why the struggle for the Eastern Europe in the Seventeen century became the matter of survival for Turkey.

    To the end of the period the outcome was determined. Turkey and Sweden were mutilated to continue as stumps of their former ambitions and statuses. Poland was wounded to death. Russia emerged as the superpower.

    The gathering Ukraine was the room of the butchery and emergence. Visionaries of the Survival Turkey was so lucky in the survival game before that her collapse in the Seventeen century looks highly surprising. From the urban brotherhoods infantry in the Nicaea siege and the Bapheus battle of it became the hard rule that in the crucial clashes with the enemies Ottomans had some innovative stock in advance.

    Ottoman military and political inventions were not a reaction to the thrusts of the enemies or to the picture of circumstances — they were the forecast of dangers and the prognosis of opportunities. They were visionary. Emir Orhan — the son of bey Osman started to generate ideas ahead when he unleashed the raid activity across Dardanelles to Thrace.

    Orhan assembled militant communities of fighters akincis from his native Turkmen, Muslim adventurers, local Greek and Slavic renegades, settled them in Thrace and ordered to attack the local population without an attention to political borders. But it happens that in the first clash with Serbia as the peninsular heavyweight the special tactical skills of akincis brought two very important victories on Maritsa river of and They cleaned Thrace from competing pretenders, fixed the submission of the Byzantine Empire leaving her only Constantinople itself and moved the center of the Turkish state building from Asia Minor to Balkans.

    What is important for the visionary way of the Turkish development the akin was founded not after the clash with Serbs but before it as if the clash and the enemies were predicted. What is important for the Turkey existence as the tactical state, akin communities became her Balkan borderland organization as political and social, as economical and ideological until the end of the Sixteen century. Considering that the most of Turkey was the borderland — it was the good military tactical and organizational invention turning to become the state building block.

    Next move came from the султан of emir Orhan — Murad. He султан sent to Balkans as the heir apparent. Proclaimed after the death of his father as the sultan an independent king instead of the emir — a military leader as Orhan or the bey — a local lord as Osman he moved the capital to Adrianople — Edirne. Established himself geographically and politically he immediately continued to innovate.

    The Fall of Constantinople What is important for the Turkey наложницы as the султан state, akin communities became her Balkan borderland organization as political and social, as economical and ideological секс the end of the Sixteen century. Cambridge, Mass. sex dating

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