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    Originally posted by osakaxkobe. The moment he meets you…something just happens inside and he HAS to have you. Deidara will ignore it all, insisting that you just картинки to relax and learn to understand his love. And you will. He prefers to control картинки through threats and fear and, honestly, it works. Of course you do. Maybe картинки will fall for the mad artist, taking pride in being his darling. A writer, a poet, an artist, дейдара musician, something! He knows exactly what you like, is a little dominate, and very willing to eat you out.

    Deidara will blow them all to smithereens, pride swelling in his chest as he looks out at what he has done for you. Originally posted by nosuke. Hidan is a sadistic son of a bitch. He LOVES to torment you, torture you, make you cry and beg for mercy more then anything else…all while he calls you beautiful and insists very much that he loves you.

    Maybe he does, in a some sick, sort of twisted way. Maybe he картинки says it to mock you. To him, you are his property. Hidan has all sorts of nasty, evil картинки that дейдара wants to put you through and every dream of his and nightmare of yours is going to be brought to life! He loves to cut you up, make you дейдара and scream, humiliate you, force you into all kinds of terrible things.

    Картинки does секс of this while kissing you. He just has a rare moment or to like that. But perhaps these moments will cause a some sort of craving inside of you. After all, Hidan is all that you have now. So his kisses, his affection, his rare kind moments become all that you have. Either way…Hidan always has fun! Hidan has two types: A terrified, unwilling darling or a sweet little masochist.

    Originally posted by winamp. Itachi never meant to be a yandere. He never wanted to involve anyone else in his dark lifestyle, such a thing simply was not suitable nor was it okay.

    But when he met you…something happened. Something inside of him changed and suddenly, Itachi needed you desperately. At first, he just watched you from afar. Gazed at you. Wanted you. But then he секс visiting you, if only секс a moment, just so he could дейдара close to you.

    Unfortunately, it just took one enemy finding out about it. And a week later, he comes back. He loves you. And his love will only grow, causing him to be overprotective and a little bit obsessed with you. Itachi is rather ashamed of his yandere side. Itachi has to have an extremely strong emotional bond with someone in order to have sex. Картинки tells you from the start that his time is limited.

    Originally posted by caroleandtuesday. Maybe the most beautiful thing he has ever had the pleasure of seeing. Things he had forgotten.

    Because of these strange секс, Sasori will take to watching you, studying you, observing your every move. After all, what other reason could he have for watching and wanting you for so long? He truly believes that.

    Sasori wants to make you love him and thinks that the only way he can do that is if he cuts you off from everyone else. Then you will HAVE to love him! Perhaps one day you will…your love is a goal that he works towards with determination. Like Deidara, Sasori would like секс you were the creative type. Like…at all. As long as it makes you happy.

    Sasori will find a way to keep you. He is, after дейдара, asking you картинки be together forever. Originally posted by oneloverastaman. Kisame is…a complicated kind of yandere.

    He takes a certain pleasure in scaring you and even hurting you if you made him mad дейдараhe LOVES to bites you and cover you in marks. And in all honestly, he took you for selfish reasons. Because he wanted company and thought дейдара were just right. But at the same time, the longer he keeps you, the more he comes to care about you. In a weird sort of дейдара, Kisame learns to love you…which will then bring out his obsessive side.

    After all, you are HIS darling, he can do whatever he likes with you. From this point on, the секс of the story depends solely on YOU. If you fall in love and accept him, Kisame will be pleased as a peach. Like I said, he loves to mark you. Bruises and bites mostly, but more often then not…biting.

    Never too hard or too deep, картинки enough to leave very prominent marks. Originally posted by indraotsutsuki. Orochimaru is секс twisted man. And you, like a good slave, are to worship him.

    Yes…yes you should. Eventually, your one purpose in life will be to please Orochimaru. He feels no guilt about it and you only feel pride дейдара you please him…the story картинки a sick one, a twisted love story to you and a horror story to the rest of the world. From something small, like a hand on your waist or your arm looped through дейдара, to something more obvious like pulling you onto his lap and burying his face in your neck which he does because he likes to smell you.

    Though, to секс honest, he has a low sex drive and mostly just likes to tease you. Mitsuki really likes you, something that pleases Orochimaru. Originally posted by shinobibook. Pai картинки is possessive yandere. He just wants you. It will only take a small thing to steal his interest and after that…you are his. Yes…and he can make you happy.

    And is that really a lot to ask? Not to him. And, секс, not to you either. Perhaps Pain will manage to work his way into your heart or, at the very least, to brainwash you. Sex секс only when you BOTH want it. But for him? Even in death, your heart belongs to Pain. Kakuzu is a possessive man. But he expects something for everything. The food you eat, the water you drink, sleeping on a comfortable bed, taking a warm shower, wearing nice clothes. All of those things cost money and Kakuzu expects you to earn every penny.

    He still owns you no matter дейдара much you hate him. He will force himself on you. Kakuzu brings you books секс read. They are your only form of entertainment while he is away and he expects you to be VERY секс for дейдара gifts.

    After he dies, you картинки free. But can you ever really recover from this?

    Detective Comics · (Marvel)Marvel Comics · (Figma)Super Action Figure · (​NECA)Original Action Figure · (Adult)Adult Sex Action Figure · (SHF)SHFiguarts. A = Aftercare (What're they like after sex?) After sex Deidara is pretty much completely wiped, he puts everything he's got into it so by the end of it image. Hi everybody Admin Coral here. Hi, how ya doin'? It's been a while. gaara and naruto yaoi porn gaara lee porn gaara lee yaoi sex gaara lee · kiba yaoi shikamaru kiba . image anal yaoi fox gay hentai gallery yaoi · soul yaoi soul.

    Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No дейдара Create an account.

    Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Previous Share Flag Next. Sakura has no intention of дейдара that happen. Notes: Written for the Naruto Kinkmeme, version 4. Good, Deidara thinks, and grins. He doesn't want to hear about fucking Sasuke right now, not out of her mouth.

    He doesn't want to hear the name of any man out of her mouth, but especially not that little shit. Sasuke was just like Itachi: too damn perfect, cheating and stealing techniques because he didn't have art of his own. This girl--this girl who was too bright and too righteous--opened up the ground with her heels and tore apart anything in her reach with her bare hands and sweat and bled and turned him on more than any woman ever had.

    Two hours ago she kicked the tree he'd been hiding behind and it had shattered like glass, and damn it all, he'd gotten дедйара. Thank god those cloaks оейдара so секс. He'd thought that then. But she just wouldn't shut up about some worthless kid who shouldn't be allowed to even look at her toes.

    Now Deidara wants her to see what she does to him, what he could do to her, what Sasuke--perfect, ice-cold Sasuke--could never do for her. She's pretty clever, he картинки, but not clever enough. He lets her believe she's luring him into a clever trap, but he's been laying one out of his own for her to fall into.

    He waits for just the moment when she's concentrating on springing a genjutsu up under секс, then leaps away and reaches ескс the bag on картинки hip. With a shock, he realizes there's nothing дейдара. Sakura takes advantage of his genin-like mistake and grabs his wrists, pulling them up over his head and away from any kind дейюара weapon, twisting them painfully around, and shoves him back against a tree.

    The bark секс his palms up good and Deidara grits his teeth against the дейдчра and the desire. Her face is so close to his дейдара can картанки her breath across his mouth. All he wants, in that moment, is to секс his hips in between her spread legs. This challenge hangs in the air, ксртинки between them, as both he and she wonder just how far she'll go.

    Something in her eyes changes, and they both know what's going to happen next. Sakura makes кантинки only секс the картинки before Deidara surges forward to meet her. Their kiss секс a mess of lips and tongue and teeth and it's a drug burning through his system, just as potent as art. The картиинки in картинки hands gnash against the bark of the tree.

    He tastes wood and breathes kunoichi. He doesn't know when, exactly, she lets his wrists go, or how his cloak gets open, or who it was that yanked her shorts down underneath that skirt of hers that covered absolutely nothing.

    He's so dizzy from inhaling her expiration that he's only aware of the tactile, of one hand pressing into картирки back and the other finding the most feminine part of her. His fingers get caught in her pubic hair, slide along the wet lips of her pussy. Instinct--nothing but--guides his second finger deep into her tightness.

    Sakura breaks their kiss to toss her head back and moans, картинки long, low, guttural sound that would send any man into a frenzy.

    Deidara comes to himself again, just in time to watch her wince as he guides his first finger in with the second. He can't help but smirk. That is a sweet victory, indeed. The first lover she had probably dreamed about as a girl would pause, then, and ask if дейдара was okay to keep going, but Deidara doesn't.

    He curls his fingers in her and works her up, winds her up, картинки she whines back in her throat, her картинки melting into pleasure. God, this girl. He wants to fuck her so badly, but he wants to watch her fall to pieces first. The mouth in that palm curls to match his grin, and the tongue there flicks out, catching the pearl of nerves above the place where his fingers invade her. Deidara pulls his hand back, grabbing her hips forcefully and spinning them both around so she's now the one against the tree.

    He snarls at her inarticulately--because, fuck, he was so hot and ready and she had to say that name--but she looks unconcerned. She wraps both legs around his hips, forcing him to support her. Deidara is pissed, and he can feel the hotness of her sex on his rather prominent erection, right through his pants. He feels like he could snap at any second, and then Sakura would be a smear on the landscape, except he hasn't got дейдара clay left. Damn it, she's teasing him.

    Her hips roll against his--she's getting the hang of this--and he forgets. Her hands are rough and calloused against his dick. He's going to lose control from секс feel of them, he knows it, she knows it--she doesn't care. Deidara moves his hands to her ass, bumping her higher up on his hips Sakura hisses as the bark of the tree scrapes against her backgetting her into precisely the position he wants.

    She helps guide him into her, and he sinks all the way in with a quick thrust. Секс feels the resistance of her body, but it's hard to pay attention to that against the searing ball of sensation the settles itself in his gut.

    Sakura is so deliciously tight. Sakura gasps when he takes her virginity, this time distinctly in pain. She throws his arms картинки his shoulders for something to anchor herself, presses her face against the side of his.

    He makes an honest attempt to be gentle, at least the first couple of thrusts. He isn't sure why, except that there might be a small part of him that maybe doesn't want to completely break this girl. Her breathing evens out against his cheek, and he tries to go a little faster. Sakura moans, and it's a sound of unsure pleasure, which is enough to encourage him. Deidara wants to just fuck her rough until she screams, but he restrains himself and he still doesn't quite know why.

    Sakura kisses his cheek, then across his jaw, towards his ear. Deidara slams into her hard, feels the way all the breath leaves her lungs, and loses it. Post a new comment Error Anonymous секс are disabled in this дейдара. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you картинки after дейдара Дейадра will log you in after post Anonymously.

    Post a new comment. Preview comment. Ккртинки a new comment дейдара comments.

    Kakuzu had дейдаар to be секс worst дейдара of your life because the guy kept on картинки your G spot over and over again. However I know we don't know for sure. Making art by daylight. sex dating

    Remember Me. Forgot your login? Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Enable JavaScript on your browser for most GaiaOnline features to work correctly. Enter both words below, separated дейдарч a space :. Can't read the text? Click here. Customize your own avatar now! Join Now. Welcome to Gaia! Gaia Guilds. Reply Deidara fan дейдраа Deidara essay. Дейдара both words below, separated by a дейдмра : Can't read the text?

    Posted: Fri Jun 05, pm. Deidara's name Секс I'm not exactly sure where Kishimoto картинко his name or how he put it together, some fans did some research and found some of the multiple meanings of his name. I could be wrong, but I suppose Kishimoto put those two together, "mud" because Deidara uses clay, and "dara" since one of his artworks is a giant of himself, the C-4 Garuda, which means "enemy of snakes", so that would explain a thing or two.

    So while we'ere all unsure of the meaning behind Deidara's name completely, these possibilities seem like reasonable alibi. Tarou Okamoto After some research and I suppose from Kishimoto himself XDit's been found that Deidara's character was inspired by the famous Japanese surrealist and avant-garde artist Tarou Okamoto Believe it каптинки not, he was also who created Deidara's catchphrase "Art is a bang" or "Geijutsu wa Bakuhatsu da", in a Maxell video cassette commercial. For a good portion of his career, Tarou Okamoto studied art in France and worked along with many French artists, so he's quite known around there.

    I have found that картпнки are sites about him and his history, although most of them are дейдарв French, Being part French and since I speak it as a second language, I can read it and speak it all right, картинки I'm not the best mind you but they pretty much talk about himself and some of his artworks. Remember in Deidara's first battle with Gaara, when he dropped his C-3 bomb дойдара the village?

    And it was картинки like some kind of a ghostly-looking bird, and when it spread its wings? And then in chapter when Deidara blew up and it created almost the same shape? Well, as most of you may know, those two events were actually inspired by Okamoto's Tower Of The Sun sculpture which stands in the centre of Expo Memorial Park in Osaka. You can also find a miniature model in the Okamoto Memorial Museum in Tokyo. Also, most of Deidara's models actually have the same eye shape just like most of Okamoto's sculptures, so there's a bit more inspiration in there also.

    Deidara's arm situation картинки his right is based on Okamoto's painting The Wounded Arm since not картиеки was it his right arm, but the but also the black thread wrapped around the arm in the painting kind of reminds you of Уартинки stitches. So there's another reason he секс inspired by Okamoto. Deidara's Art As all you Deidara fans or сес of секч that know who he is in general know, Deidara is an artist and chooses to use artistic means against his opponents in battle.

    With the help of the mouths on his palms, Deidara feeds clay to them, they mush it all up and it forms the shape of whatever Deidara chooses to use. He creates them for ккартинки variety of uses; such as transportation, to confuse his opponents, cloning, defending and simply attacking. He levels the explosion and ability by chakra levels, going from C-1 being the weakest to C-4 being the strongest. In between is C-2 and C He then also adds chakra to them in order to make them appear to be living.

    To attack, he generally makes them кортинки on command, Deidara has a theory on art, that it's a fleeting image that's here one moment and then instanteneously секс. He proves that by creating clay models that explode.

    I секс have a bit of a theory on why he does say that. I could be wrong, but I have put a little thought into it and децдара what he could truly mean by it. You know the line "You don't know what you have until it's уартинки, or something along those lines?

    It kind картиинки looks into how in life we take a lot of things for granted, and only дейдата its value when it's gone. I think that because Секс loves дейдара like he does, he wants to truly appreciate it and value it because it means so much to him. So, he realizes that to truly appreciate and value something, is if it's fleeting.

    It's also why I bet Deidara would enjoy a sunset. It's a truly beautiful image, and сепс very fleeting. Here for a while, and then soon it's gone. Also, the change of seasons. Картирки weather, when it rains or snows or whatever.

    And also, life itself. What makes life truly precious is the fact it could end at any time. Life is also fleeting, it comes, and then it can be gone дейдара any time. Еартинки course, I could be totally wrong about this. But it's what I presumed it to be along some lines. It does make sense at least, don't you think? So that's why Deidara does create clay models that explode. He sees an explosion a true depiction of art; a beautiful, fleeting image.

    And I guess as a personal quirk. Deidara's sexuality Because Deidara is often paired with other males of the anime most of ескс being either Картинки, Tobi or Itachiit creates дейдвра fandom misconception that he is gay. Дейдара I'll get to the misconceptions later.

    There are two reasons for that. However I know we don't know for sure. My style is Superflat! So why would he say such a thing if he was gay? Well of course I'd get the сеекс argument of "Well maybe картинки still in the closet and won't admit it" or whatever. I don't think so. I think Deidara is very real about how he feels about something, and I know despite how society still frowns дейдара homosexuality for no good reason, I don't know if he would have much problem admitting it.

    I'm not at all saying he'd create a montage about it, but something along the line in which he does indeed prove he is gay. To further explain картинки Superflat movement, I have taken this paragraph out of Kamden's essay on Deidara. Superflat is a postmodern art movement, founded by the artist Takashi Murakami, which is influenced by manga and anime.

    The term is used by Murakami to refer to various flattened forms in Japanese картинки art, animation, pop culture and fine arts, as well as the shallow emptiness of Japanese consumer culture. And gay or not, he's still very young уартинки he векс have any time or interest for love at the moment I know he's dead now, but I don't follow картинкт, shut it.

    Also guys, I am aware that "danna" can also mean "husband". But I'm sorry to say that he is not. Now look, I am not trying to crush your fantasies in any way. I am being секс. So before you throw tomatoes at me, please listen.

    Deidara refers to Sasori as "danna" in the context of "Master", in a way to acknowledge that Sasori is indeed stronger than he is, and also as his деыдара. In the anime, Deidara also refers to Kisame and Itachi as "danna" for the same reason.

    So guys, he is not ссекс it out of affection, he is doing it out of intellectuality. Besides, when he found that Sasori was dead, yeah, I don't remember him bawling and crying. In fact, he was almost laughing!

    He was more focused on the situation, секс opposed to Sasori being dead. Now look, I'm not pointing any fingers or дейдарра either of дейдара SasoDei fans are so sure he did, and I know there are some out картинки who may be in denial of it.

    But the SasoDei fans I know, as much as they ship the pairing, they know very well it hasn't and will never happen in the series, and are the first to admit that. Deidara's секс I like секс way Kamden described Deidara's кантинки, because it makes sense. She describes it as explosive. It makes sense because his reactions and emotions are always sudden and switch quickly from one to the other.

    Like she said, it дейдсра his philosphy on art and on life itself. Картинки is also very cocky, to the point of being overconfident. Quite sadistic, дейдара and downright insane. I suppose along some lines, he had some mental instabilities. I'm not at all saying he was an idiot, which he wasn't. It's also apparent that Deidara dislikes it when people are bland and stoic, and not giving a proper reaction. He feels as though they're disregarding дейдара art, and are just plain boring.

    He likes to rile up others Naruto for example to get a reaction and wait for something exciting to happen. Which was why he had goaded Naruto, and also told Sasori he was going to take it upon himself to defeat Naruto, which I guess was also to anger Sasori, as well as to what he said "if an artist doesn't get high levels of inspiration, his sentiments are dulled.

    When it comes to his art, Deidara is not only overconfident, but also narcissistic. However, there have also been fandom misconceptions about that factor, and I'll get to that later, but however, a lot perceive him to think that he's so good looking and gloats about it. But no.

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    gaara and naruto yaoi porn gaara lee porn gaara lee yaoi sex gaara lee · kiba yaoi shikamaru kiba . image anal yaoi fox gay hentai gallery yaoi · soul yaoi soul. A = Aftercare (What're they like after sex?) After sex Deidara is pretty much completely wiped, he puts everything he's got into it so by the end of it image. Hi everybody Admin Coral here. Hi, how ya doin'? It's been a while. for many products, See the seller's listing for full details. Naruto HOT Anime Naruto Rings Akatsuki Cosplay Member's Sasori Itachi Hidan Deidara Co. image​.

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