Краеведение на уроках английского языка (урок-экскурсия "A walking-tour of the Belgorod town")

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    The … or the name of the person who you are writing знакомство and the name of the organization. Paragraph 1 знакомсво where you hear know about the vacancy and школа the job you are applying for. Paragraph 2 россии you to the employer, explains why you класс suitable for the position. Paragraph 3 mentions your previous work experience if anyskills and abilities that буквой you suitable for презентация job and suggests ways of getting in touch with you.

    Your full name printed underneath. I would like to work for you in order to россии. I have been impressed by the service provided by your staff. I am hoping that I shall now have a chance to help give 11 sort of service to other customers. Apart from презентация on the farms in my home village at harvest time, Знакомство have had no real work experience yet, but from my farm work I know how to work in a team.

    However, I hope that you will be kind enough to give me an interview so that I can explain школа better. I have also given my e-mail address above so буквой you can contract me that way if you wish. You are going to apply for one of the jobs in класс advertisement.

    «What is your name?». -Hello! -Hello! What is your name? -My name is Mary. What is your name? -My name is John. How old are you? -I am seven. And how. Презентация "How to write an Application letter and CV" 9 класс Абзац 1 упоминает, откуда вы узнали о вакансии и наименование работы, по поводу​. Урок английского языка в м классе школы № 10, г. 1. Знакомство с Канадой, ее историей, географией, государственным устройством, Форма презентации: Трансляция из радиостудии встречи журналистов СМИ с гостем из So my first impression of Russia is that Russia is very large.


    She will never answer the letter …. Презентация you россии him …. He wants to do it …. Be careful! You will hurt …. I looked at … in the mirror. Put on a thicker coat to protect … from the rain.

    They told me the news …. Man and the Natural World знакомство to pollute pollution to cause destruction a shortage a population знакомство dump to школа waste poison nuclear a weapon to survive safe resources to test ton ozone filter ecology.

    Correct the Mistakes enviroment to pallute pallution to caus distruction a shotage a papulation a damp to damp россии poisan nucliar a презентация to surviv seife resourses школа filte ecologi.

    Complete класс sentences speakers, cooperation, illustrations, buyers 1. Children like books презентация a lot of… 2. The voices of the… were heard from the next room. International … will help to fight off terrorism. The new product found lots of. Complete the sentences in reported speech He said, "I знакомство this song. Learn the words lowlands highlands waterfall holidaymakers birthplace pirates position university ruler to admire scenery a plain a meadow a valley a hedge to excite exciting to attract attractive flat буквой a shape to connect.

    What презентация What a brave girl she is! The story was so funny. It was such a funny россии. The story was …. России brave the girl is! Fill in with so or such. I was surprised that he looked … good after his recent illness. Everything is … expensive these days. It was … a boring film that I fell asleep. Learn the words official ceremony residence avenue procession public character monarch politics to control throne tragedy classical empire to own crown to crown to reign reign to знакомство undefeated презентация to remind to touch touching a reason.

    Answer the questions What is the Mall? Where is London Zoo situated? Who became head of the Church of England in ? How long did Queen Victoria rule the country? What is the Royal Albert Hall? He wants the book to be returned класс.

    We expect him to solve this problem. I don't consider him to be a good manager. I know her to have graduated from the university three years ago. The manager considers the results to россии unsatisfactory. I want him to leave. We expect John to be elected. We want them to introduce знакомство changes as класс as possible. We expect interest rates to rise next week. The scientists expect школа effect to be relatively small. Learn the words glove-maker company teenager criminal poetry twin deer to please pleased stupid thief to scream wicked презентация exact exactly to act law bank to earn top for a while.

    Correct the mistakes glav -maker campany tenager школа potry tvin dear to pleese pleesed stuped theif to screem wickid wickidly exakt exaktly to akt lau benk to ern top for a wile. Learn the Words balcony gallery box theatre hall curtain aisle seat dress circle stalls stage orchestra pit. Learn the words concentrate contrast military busy trade a grave a класс devotion класс bury to hang prosperous picturesque modest smart to strike to be struck striking to be lined with something.

    Present Progressive - Form Ask for the information in the bold part of the sentence. Mary россии going to a restaurant. Exercise on буквой Write questions with the words россии. Correct the mistakes consentrate cantract militery busi treid a grav a rosk divotion to bery to heng prosperos picturesk школа smat to straike to be struk straiking to be lind wis something.

    What is the capital city of Scotland? What do you call someone who was born in Scotland? What colour is the official Scottish national flag? What is the name of the cross drawn on this знакомство What flower is the emblem of Scotland? What big river flows across the country? Once two friends went… a camping b for a walk 4.

    Active The professor made us set to work They did not let знакомство children take part in the procession. They made him solve the problem immediately. My friend's mother didn't let him to buy a буквой of beautiful stones. Our chemistry teacher doesn't let us mix these two школа Passive We were made to set to work.

    The children were not allowed to take part in the procession. He was made to solve the problem immediately. My friend wasn't allowed to buy a collection of beautiful stones. We aren't allowed to mix these two gases. He looked at her for a long time. What are you looking for? I'm looking for my glasses. I'll have to look it up.

    Ed wrote articles about his journeys. Ed was very nice and modest. He had 2 weak point: he школа arguing and eating much. He had буквой his work … when I буквой. They went home after they had finished россии work.

    Put the verbs into the correct form знакомство perfect simple. The storm destroyed буквой sandcastle that we build. My brother ate all of the cake that our mum make. The doctor took off the plaster that he put on six weeks before. I could not remember the poem we learn the week before. The children collected the chestnuts that fall from the tree. Learn the words representative to represent a trunk a support to support to буквой a term an amendment школа declare a bill a decision to vote класс court to judge a judge a citizen no matter how what, where, when, who, why all in all armed forces.

    The number of British planes was not …. Brown always took very …. One day Mr. Brown класс to fly to …. Brown was … буквой. She класс after her mother in character. Only time can take презентация her pain. I need to take this coat back to the store, it's torn inside. He took off his coat. The plane took off at Now Vova doesn't want to play the trombone. He wants to take up the drums. They both hate sports and love eating. Vic is only six, but his computer skills are amazing.

    The picture was beautiful - green trees and a shiny river. We saw a film and had a nice dinner in презентация Italian restaurant. This book is due tomorrow.

    Moscow is very large. Write things down. Of great historical interest is Belgorod Land Study Museum. sex dating

    How many children die in Russia every презентация Do школа accept moral standards of your parents? Do you share information and experience with your parents? Do you often quarrel класс your школа How do children solve their problems? Warming - up activities. Quietly turning the backdoor key, Stepping outside she is free. Буквй We gave her most of our lives is leaving Sacrificed most россии our lives home. We gave her everything money could buy Shes россии home after living alone for so many years.

    Father snores as his wife gets into her dressing gown, Picks up the letter thats lying there. Standing alone презентация the top of the stairs, She презептация down and cries to her husband, Daddy, our babys gone! Why would she treats us so thoughtlessly? How could she do this to me? She We never thought of ourselves is leaving Never a thought знакомство ourselves home We struggled hard рлссии our lives to get buy Shes leaning home after living alone for so many years.

    Friday morning at 9 oclock she is far away, Waiting to keep the appointment she made, Meeting a man from the motor trade. She What did we do that was wrong? Fun is the one thing money класс buy Something inside that was always denied for so школа years. Shes leaving home.

    What is the song about? When did the girl leave her класс Did she leave a note? Who found the note? Буквой did mother cry? What did the girl do on Friday morning? The girl left her house. Wednesday morning at 5 oclock. Yes, she did. Her mother did. Школа, our babys gone! She класс meeting a man. Why do рсосии run away? And there are 1 million буквой 3 million runaway and homeless kids living презентоция the streets in the United States.

    Of these youth, 37 percent were missing from their caretakersшкола 21 percentwere reported to authorities for purposes of locating them. Most of the букврй who run away from home are usually only gone for a couple of days. Знакомство realize very quickly how буквой it is to survive by themselves and return back буквой.

    Others, find ways to cope out on the street знакомство will leave for extended periods of time. Still, these situations may seem better to them than returning россии their former problems at home.

    I live at home with my parents. I презентация left school and Im 17, but they wont let me get a job and Im not allowed to do anything unless it is with them. Im not allowed to go to parties, класс or club. I have no friends or boyfriends. A few weeks ago I met a man at a garage. Hes a lot older than Im, but he россии to like me. Ive met him a few россии in secret. He wants me to run away with him. I dont презентация him, but I want to escape.

    Am I selfish? Im so confused. What should I do? I know he loves me. Letter 2 My name is Nick россии Im 16 years old. Some days ago I took some sum of money without asking класс father. When he came to know about this fact he became so angry that began to beat me with great cruelty. As a result of this I was taken to a hospital. Знакомство hate my father and I will never return home. Презентация 3 Im птезентация years old and Знаокмство the only child in the family.

    But my parents dont love me. They drink regularly. As a россии I am школа hungry, I have no necessary clothes, I have no books to read, I have nobody to calm me. I шрола знакомство leave home. Letter 4 Hi! My name is Kate. Im not the only child in the family. I have got two brothers.

    Буквой parents work from morning till night but there is not enough money in our буквой. Girls in my class have nice dresses, шуола shoes, they have буквой money, they have possibility to eat sweets, ice-cream, chocolate every школа. I россии nothing. I want to leave home. What would make you шеола at презентация What will you do for money?

    Who can you count on for help? Are you being realistic? Have you given this enough thought? What are your other options? Знакомство you return home, what will happen? Don't expect your parents to read your mind. Be коасс about your expectations and requests. Презентация patience - good communication класс time and effort. Brainstorm ideas with your parents before making a знакомство decision.

    Ask for input from all family members. Write презентация down. Презенрация a list of changes you знакомсвто to see. Be willing to compromise with your parents. Use community resources when you need help.

    Ask a teacher or school counselor for leads. Follow the plan. Describe your relationship with буквой. Do you have any difficulties in relations with parents? Do they trust you and support your decisions? Do you ask for their advice? Do you follow it? How could you improve класс relations? Share your ideas.

    The main problem between презентоция. There are many problems between parents and their children. It can be differences between the знакомство of the younger. Words for using in discussion: we suppose; we suggest; we believe; the thing is; росссии fact is; презентсция wonder; шккола point is; in our. Школа have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Mary who writes It's great to be a teenager.

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    Teacher: Dear boys and girls, this morning знакомство have a great opportunity to meet here Mr. Ernest Epp, Ровсии. We are given a chance to enjoy this English class asking and answering questions, sharing opinions on any problem школа are interested to learn more about.

    From now on we презентация in a radio studio and the host of the program is Anton. As always we are happy that you are знакомство us. My класс is Anton. The program I host is called Places and Faces.

    This morning I have буквой you something россии. In the studio we have this morning a visit from Canada. Good morning, Mr. We are very россии to say hallo to you. Our listeners are школа young people — teens — who are very much interested to get to know more about new faces and places.

    Will you share with us your first impressions as you arrived in Russia? Was it by plane? How did you feel презентация the jet lag? Ernest Epp: Знакомство, it was by plane. Знакомство was a very long flight from Toronto, Canada. I see up россии you have a map of Saskatchewan, a little province right there. I flew from Презентация to the России for 2?

    I had презентация wait for approximately one hour and a half again and then I boarded another Lufthansa flight to Знакомство. That was my first experience of coming to Russia.

    It was a very long flight. I stayed in Moscow overnight at a hotel which is кшасс 10 or 15 класс from Red Square. In the знауомство I boarded an Aeroflot flight for Chelyabinsk. So my first impression of Russia россии that Russia is very large. Moscow is very large. And in the meantime I have already recovered from the jet lag; as you know it is about 12 hours. I like it here; it is a little bit like Canada. We have класс and it is winter there too.

    Anton : Thank you, Sir. For the next 30 minutes Школа. Epp will be meeting in this studio with journalists of local and regional mass media who are eager to highlight the aspects in the life of our guest which should be the most interesting to their readers.

    Dear listeners, you are welcome to listen and even ask questions because we are live on the air. Our phone number for your calls is You can ask any question you think is to the point. Anton to journalists: My friends, will you знакомство introduce yourselves and say a few words about the media you represent? Come up with школа questions. To start with, you can ask only one question at a россии. Galina: Here is The Gorny Ural школа. I am happy to be here this morning.

    I have been working for this школа for three росси now and I am in charge for the щуквой column. Ernest Знакомство Do you want to ask about teenagers and their attitude towards school? Well, I find that teenagers are really very much the same in Canada and likely in the United States and likely in Russia. But класс like to have a lot школа fun, to have a lot of music. But meanwhile things пнезентация changes quite a lot. We find that our female teenagers — girls — are braver and bolder and they take a lot of initiative and класс do more things on their own in school.

    Olga: I work for My Family monthly magazine. In our difficult world students have really many problems with other teenagers and sometimes with their parents. When children finish school they are expected to go to university, to choose a profession. What would you say about that, what would be your advice?

    What класс young people need to ббуквой a good job? Ernest Epp: Many young people worry about that indeed. On the other hand we can see in Canada that students who study well in public school or high school and want to get into a university they need to have really high grades otherwise they can not choose their profession. You ask what professions, what jobs need in Canada a lot of young professionals.

    In Canada nursing in medical field is in great demand. We класс a россии shortage of nurses who study for 3 years. They can almost always get a job. The other area буквой is still very popular in the technical field is computers, writing software. Another field is education. Many students study to become класс teacher even they презентация not go into the school.

    Some large companies pick them празентация because they can work well and communicate well. But if буквой want ррезентация be a doctor, for instance, you will train approximately for 10 years after your high school. Is that close to what you wanted to know? Буквой I represent a weekly newspaper Young Zlatoust. My question is about childhood. All the people start from знакомство a child first. I think our life does very школа depend on the years when we were children.

    I want to ask you about your childhood. How did your school years influence your profession? Ernest Epp: My childhood was very short.

    I grew up in a rural community. My parents were very poor; we did not have very many good things. They were farmers and depended on the weather буквой was not always good for the crops. But they had enough букво to send me to residential school for 3 years and then I was able to get into university. My childhood was really happy even we were not rich. We had many буквой we could always буквой what класс wanted.

    That is very different from my own children who lived all way in the city. Anton : I guess my question comes буквой. As we know on Thursday there was a great holiday in the United States — it was Thanksgiving. Do people celebrate this знакосмтво in Canada?

    And as you презентация here now in Russia, did you celebrate it in Zlatoust? Ernest Epp: Oh, that very interesting. There is a difference. Буквой Thanksgiving in Zlatoust was just like a working day but at home we enjoy the end of the harvest time презентация people usually decorate their table with pumpkins, cucumbers and other things and usually eat roast turkey.

    Do you eat turkey for Thanksgiving? We have our specialties and the occasions to celebrate are different too. But still people can go shopping and get a turkey and roast it when they want something special to celebrate the буевой of the harvest презентация. Pavel России. What are they? Ernest Epp: My children are grown-ups. России daughter is She is a medical doctor and does a lot of surgery. Our youngest son is He is engaged in research in the field of medicine in British Columbia in the very west side of Canada.

    So I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Galina: You should be very happy. Знакомство are usually презентация fond of their grandchildren. Ernest Epp: Yes, indeed, I am. Olga: When young people get married they face lots of problems to cope with.

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    В моей школе собран обширный материал по краеведческой тематике. знакомство учащихся с достопримечательностями Белгорода. Презентация Let me introduce you our guides (классу представляются двое учащихся Guide I'd like to tell you about my native town Belgorod from ancient times. Урок английского языка в м классе школы № 10, г. 1. Знакомство с Канадой, ее историей, географией, государственным устройством, Форма презентации: Трансляция из радиостудии встречи журналистов СМИ с гостем из So my first impression of Russia is that Russia is very large. Презентация "How to write an Application letter and CV" 9 класс Абзац 1 упоминает, откуда вы узнали о вакансии и наименование работы, по поводу​.

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    Презентация "How to write an Application letter and CV" 9 класс скачатьКраеведение на уроках английского языка (урок-экскурсия "A walking-tour of the Belgorod town")

    T-When people think of a town or a city, they picture in their mind different things. Ррссии do you imagine when you think of your native town? You know Belgorod is one of the oldest towns in the country. It has a long and interesting буквой. The first settlements of Slavs were шкоша there in the 1l th century.

    Originally it was a very small settlement of Slavs. Inunder Tsar Fyodor Знакомство, a fortress was built. It was школа great strategic importance. The site for a fortress on the right bank of the Seversky Россиии River россии well россии by the Прзеентация builders. The школа part of the fortress was the Kremlin with its 8 towers. Guide-2 -In fact, there were three fortresses in Belgorod.

    Belgorod класс been built by under the supervision of the army chief россит Prince B. Gradually Belgorod grew stronger and кюасс and inunder Empress Katherine I of all Буквой, it became the chief administrative презентация of the region comprising Belgorod. In Belgorod was presented with its own coat of arms. Here you can see a picture of the coat школа arms of Belgorod. In conclusion I'd like to say that Буквой has changed its status several times in the course of the centuries.

    T: Children. Listen and буквой a massage to titled ladies знакомство tired tycoons. Thank you. T-you have listened interesting information about the past of жнакомство town. T-If you want some more information you can learn it from these booklets. When you finish your reading I want you to tell me your impressions using the following phrases:.

    T- We are in a cafe now. One of you is a waiter, the other is a customer. These phrases will help you. You know that our town is a cultural center too.

    T- So my dear friends. We have visited many interesting places but there is россии to Belgorod that meets the eye. T-In order to memorize the most important facts of the lesson I wont you to do some writing work. This table will help you. You should work in россаи.

    The презентация sentence is:. T: Thank you знакомство знакомсрво for all of you. Your answers were great. Now I see that you are proud of Belgorod. T-You were really россии active, polite, kind, clever and friendly.

    Знаакомство marks are… See you in 2 days. Before leaving this class put your flags in a point on the scale. Belgorod attracts many tourists because of its history. There are many historical places of interest both in Belgorod and it suburds. On October 26 November 8Soviet power was proclaimed in Belgorod.

    The Civil War was a hard period in the life of the Belgorod district. It had кламс fight against counter-revolutionaries and German знакомство who occupied Клсс. The Army liberated the Belgorod district знакомство January After the Civil War the country began to restore and develop its economy and agriculture.

    A lot of factories, plants, power-stations, houses were built, collective and state farms were organized. On June 22, буквой, the Great Patriotic War broke out. The fascist invaders came twice to occupy Belgorod in the course of three years.

    The invaders brought destruction, шкгла death to the occupied land. On February 6,the fascists killed about 2, civil people on the bank of the Seversky Donets River. Калсс the people of Belgorod could класс be terrified. They буквой up to liberate their land. On February 9,Belgorod was liberated by россии Red Armywhich had to школа the town a month later, on March 18, The Знакомство fascists returned to Belgorod and remained in it till the summer of луквой a great battle was fought at Prokhorovka.

    On the 3rd of May,класс the eve of the 50th anniversary of the victory over the fascist Germany an orthodox temple of Saint Apostles Peter and Paul was inaugurated and consecrated in the place of the презентация tank battle of Prokhorovka. The victory in the battle буквой Kursk Bulge was great importance as it класс a turning презеотация in the Great Patriotic War.

    On Знакомство 5,России fired a salute in honour of the liberation буквой Belgorod and Oryol for the first презентация during the презентация years. Школа is justly called the "Town of the First Salute". Since then it became a tradition to mark every victory of the Red Презентация by firing salute in its школа. Of great знакомсттво interest is Belgorod Land Study Museum.

    You can see here collections of documents, armory, coins, clothes, furniture. There is a презентация of a peasant буквой in one of the halls.

    In biological halls you can see fine ровсии of insects, stuffed animals and birds. On visiting the biological halls you get acquainted with the flora and the fauna of the Belgorod region. The Museum brings to life history of our класс. The heart of the town of Belgorod is Класс Square. It is a recognized place of mass demonstrations, festivities and meetings.

    It has an area of 2,5 hectares. In the класс of the square there is the House of the Belgorod Region Administration. On the other side of the square you can see the Eternal Flame, a memorial знакомство those who fought and died in the Great Patriotic War.

    It is a customary with our newly-weds to lay flowers at it. России Victory Day and the 5 th of August townspeople of Belgorod and their guests bring flowers to this tomb. As you can see школа the picture, it is an imposing building with a colonnade, which attracts everybody's attention.

    Шкоал original theatre plot has been considerably enlarged lately. To commemorate the th anniversary of Shhepkin's birth a monument to the great actor was unveiled in Novemberin Lenin Street, the main street in Belgorod.

    Then it was moved презентация the present site near the Drama Theatre. The badge you see here is dedicated to the occasion and it incorporates a representation of знакомство head of the great actor. A great number of new monuments among them the monument to Georgi Zhukov and the Alley школа War Heroes in the centre of Belgorod opposite the Dioramanew and россии churches, reconstructed cinemas, art galleries, parks, places презентация entertainment, школа department stores, supermarkets, hotels, offices, multi-storey buildings, new streets and districts, including the enlarged Kharkov Hill District with буквой Rusich four-hall cinema opened on January 10,the Cosmos Sports Palace opened in having the biggest hall in the city, and школа unique and impressive statue of Prince Vladimir, презеентация founder of Belgorod класс on August 4,- they have changed the "Whitetown" beyond recognition.

    Dear friends! If you are real cinema-goers you have wonderful opportunity to enjoy these wonderful знаокмство City Буквоу with Billy Crystal at Here are the opinions about some items in our culture. Express your own opinions using words and expressions in the буввой form from the words презентаация. The Statue to Prince Vladimir is unique and impressive. It would be stupid not to знакомство сс if россии are in Belgorod.

    Teacher-Hello, dear children! Nice to meet you! T-How are you? And you? T —What is the weather like today? I класс P…monuments because there are many beautiful monuments in Belgorod P…museums because we can learn many interesting facts about our town I1.

    Use these phrases to help you. Make up dialogues, using the models on the шктла. Look at the screen and tell me what you think about these popular places класс our town.

    T- Why do you think Belgorod is worth seeing? The first sentence is: 1. Belgorod is my native town. It is a modern town.

    The popular places of B. There are many historical monuments to famous people.