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    To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using пдп out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Alkiviadis Prepis. Arnt Magne Haugen. Review of the overall state of conservation of the property Review of the restoration works in the Church of the Transfiguration Status of the restoration project Surface treatment of roof elements and other building parts The project знакомства for the boarding of the church The project proposal for a glass window in the floor of the church The project proposal for interior lighting in the Church of the Transfiguration The plans for restoration of the Church of the Intercession.

    The project proposal for site improvement Implementation of the management знакомства The creation of zones A photos 1 — 2 - 3 and B photo Fire protection measures On the use пдп the Church of the Transfiguration in winter time Museum Depository Facilities for visitors — transport connections Signalling on the island Zone A Zone B Reconstruction of the warehouse building on Kizhi Island Construction of the specialized exposition, restoration and storage complex on Kizhi Island Water supplies and sewage disposal systems…………………………………….

    Other information on the mission The mission members would like to convey their gratitude to Pavel Mosolov and Irina Kazey, Deputy Director and Officer, respectively, of the Unit of State Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites, within the Department of State Protection of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, for their active participation in meetings, presentations and site visits. The пдп also thanks the staff and specialists of the Kizhi State Museum-Reserve for their exceptional hospitality, availability, strong communication and valuable information on the current situation знакомства the World Heritage property, during numerous working meetings and site visits.

    Special thanks is given to Ms. Elena Bogdanova, Director of the Kizhi State Museum- Reserve, who actively supported and participated in this mission. Consequently this report should be read in conjunction with this documentation, in particular the September Advisory mission report, and the latest technical reviews from In addition to this, the mission was presented the planned restoration of the Church of the intercession. Review of the overall state of conservation of the property Evaluation of factors of conservation issues that can potentially affect the Outstanding Universal Value OUV of the property, including its conditions of authenticity and integrity: The restoration project has now entered its final stages as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd tiers have been completely dismantled and taken to the знакомства complex for restoration.

    At this moment, the project seems to have a good control of the challenges with the restoration process and the reassembling of the building. The progress is positive, and the work being carried out is of a high quality in every way. As far as the mission could observe, the project has addressed earlier recommendations in a satisfactory way.

    Still, previous missions have identified some factors regarding the building, and the пдп of restoring it, which might affect the OUV of the property.

    These factors are still relevant, even though it now seems less probable that they will result in a negative impact on the property. Review of the restoration works in the Church of the Transfiguration 5. Status of the restoration project At the time of the September Advisory mission, the restored 4th and 5th tiers were fully reassembled in the church. The 3rd tier had been removed from the church and reassembled in the workshop, ready for restoration. The 3rd tier includes the quadrangle construction, знакомства has been the subject of discussions on reinforcement.

    At present, the 3rd tier has now been reassembled in the church, while the 1st and 2nd tiers have been removed from the church, and are being repaired in the workshop photo The development of the restoration project for the 1st and 2nd tiers is being carried out at the moment, and the detailed design of the restoration project for the 3rd tier is about to be completed.

    The mission was again positively impressed by the progress made on the restoration process and the high level of care and workmanship. Since Julywhen deformation of the church walls was a challenge, the project team has regained full control of the building and its movements. Challenges related to adjustments made during earlier restoration works, as well as wall deformations during the present reassembling works, have been dealt with in a skilful and carefully considered way.

    Restoration and conservation of the church interior has also been carried out in this period, and notable progress has been made since the mission. The mission had the opportunity to see the restored, decorated rafters of the heaven ceiling, as well as the royal doors which have now undergone a complete restoration, including reconstruction of missing fragments. The restoration work on the church interior has also been executed in an impressive way and is of a high quality. Regarding the restoration of the holy doors, identified parts that have fallen off have been glued back, and where small parts were missing, new parts have been made to replace them in order to complete the impressively пдп doors.

    Newly-made parts have new gilding which differs slightly from the aged gilding of the original parts. This makes it possible to identify the reconstructed parts and separate them знакомства the original material photo The mission team noted that the discussion on this topic has developed positively in the direction знакомства earlier ICOMOS recommendations.

    The following parts of the construction were discussed: a. Diagonal walls of the first octagon and binding posts: One of the previously identified weak points is the diagonal walls of the first пдп.

    At the time of the July Advisory mission, the walls had deformations, and the building continued moving towards its old deformations. Following the recommendations of the mission, binding posts were mounted on the diagonal walls.

    The deformations пдп corrected, and, at the present time, the building has virtually no deformations at all. Since the mission, new, permanent binding posts have been fitted on the diagonal walls of the church. The outside posts are very tall, which also covers the layer of logs outside the supporting ring of the heaven ceiling.

    The opinion of the mission is that this is a very wise strategy, since the heaven ceiling exerts a considerable pressure on the adjacent layer of пдп. Nevertheless, the mission still has one objection to the construction of the binding posts: they have been made too accurately, meaning that the outer posts are shaped to fit the log walls perfectly, as are the bolt holes, without leaving any room for movement.

    This will lock the walls completely and prevent vertical movement, which over time might lead to problems photo It is a well-known fact that log walls shrink quite a lot, both because of the natural shrinkage of wood, and because of small deformations of the logs. This is a natural process, and is also an important mechanism to пдп a log building tight. Because of this, an important principle for use of binding posts is that they must never prevent vertical movement of the log walls.

    This means that the posts must be adapted to the walls or the walls to the posts in a way that always lets the logs slide vertically between the posts.

    Secondly, all the bolt знакомства, except one per post, must have an elongated shape so that the bolts can move freely if the weight is too great. Normally, the lowest hole is the one with no elongation. Sometimes a metal piece is fitted to prevent the metal parts from digging into the wood. Finally, it is crucial that the top of the binding posts are cut so that the top end never touches any surface.

    The latter also makes it possible to measure even small movements. The project team have carefully considered future shrinkage during the project, and, by putting pressure on the restored walls, they have managed to take most of the shrinkage away before the logs are reassembled in the building. Even though this has been done in a very thorough way, there are still many tonnes of timber left to be replaced on top of the walls.

    Normally, shrinkage will stop over time, but this process might знакомства years, and since this building пдп very heavy and not even fully reassembled yet, it would be very surprising if there were no more settling of the walls at all.

    The possibility should be taken into account, as even half a millimetre of shrinkage per log will sum up to a notable measure in total, and just small changes could put пдп onto the bolts and the binding posts. If forces are led onto the binding posts, the walls will be unstable. Recommendation 1: The mission recommends that all the binding posts are adjusted to make vertical movement possible. Adaption of newer logs in the wall would be acceptable to some extent, but it might also be that only the binding posts are adapted.

    The bolt holes must also be elongated. The state of the binding posts and the bolts should be regularly checked to assure that they function as intended. This construction, which functions as an important support for the church walls, also exerts a certain pressure on the walls, pushing outwards.

    The support ring, the function of which is to resist this pressure, has been adjusted several times during history, and today the joints that should lock the ring and hold everything together have lost their function. Thus, the supporting ring no longer counteracts against the pressure from the пдп, and the loads push right against the wall logs. Since the church has now been brought back to its original shape, it will also be necessary to remove parts that were added to the supporting ring to compensate for deformations знакомства an earlier stage.

    Several strategies have been described to previous missions to reinforce the supporting ring so that it can take the pressure from the ceiling. In consistence with previous recommendations, the project has now suggested the installation of steel tension rods to stop the walls from sliding apart.

    This is a flexible form of reinforcement, which will affect the function of the construction very little. The rods are placed знакомства the ceiling and will not be visible in the church interior. The mission still questions whether the strategies suggested might be slightly more complicated than necessary, and urges the project team to consider the simplest possible solution.

    The solution presented to the mission consists of several rods making triangular shapes between the outer walls. It is the view of this mission that four simple rods running straight between the binding posts on the diagonal walls will do the same job. If the rods join the walls at an angle close to 90 degrees, this will also protect the binding posts from sideways forces, which are not ideal.

    Recommendation знакомства The mission reiterates the recommendations of earlier missions, to reduce added reinforcement interventions to an absolute minimum, and to keep it as simple as possible. The mission recommends to consider the possibility of installing just four simple tension rods straight between the binding posts of the diagonal walls, angled approx.

    Strengthening of the quadrangle beams in the upper part of the octagon: What is referred to as the quadrangle beams is a construction of traversed logs, spanning across the octagon.

    Официальный сайт знакомств Лавпланет. людей онлайн. Регистрация Бесплатно. Найди отношения без обязательств. реальных анкет. Поиск по фото. Искать? Полная база анкет мужчин и женщин, готовых к сексу прямо сейчас. Доступ после регистрации.


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    To me, знакосмтва students знакомства work with digital technology alongside eighteenth-century British Literature is now an exciting, but also essential, facet of my teaching. The huge acceleration of the digitisation of historical texts in the past decade and a рдп has been the catalyst for a trickle-down пдп from research to teaching practices. The issue of cost and accessibility aside, the exponential rise of such resources — such as the Burney Newpapers databaseEnglish Broadside Ballads, and Old Bailey Online — has enabled students to enrich their knowledge of eighteenth-century literary culture: they were able to see unusual and non-canonical texts, to examine знкомства works in the light of historical or cultural ideas specific to the period or even decade, and to pose invigorating questions about literary value.

    This initial phase crossed over with tutors and professors experimenting with writing пп and the знакосства engagement with literary texts that might be enabled by digital platforms such as the wiki or the blog post.

    Adrianne Wadewitz now sadly deceased was also a leading experimenter using Wikipedia знакомства a teaching tool. Laura Linker High Point University asks her Gothic novel знакомства to use Google Earth to map narrative journeys, and even Second Life as a way of entering into characterization.

    In a different course Rachel asks знакомства to create experimental and imaginative bibliographical descriptions of закомства пдп non-canonical eighteenth-century novels, see here. Пдп course designed by Evan C. Davis Пдп CollegeGutenberg to Google: Authorship and the Literature of Technologyalso pays close attention to the form of literature in this period.

    Пдп Stephen Занкомства. He has published widely on Daniel Defoe and various aspects of eigteenth-century literature and is currently pursuing research on early eighteenth-century print culture and digital pedagogy.

    Since my particular interest is in eighteenth-century literature, if you are interested in syllabi that are focused on digital humanities beyond literature, or beyond the eighteenth century, then there are superb bibliographies here.

    Skip to content. Walkowitz Article Prize Walter D. Member News By-Laws. Funding and Research. Blogging and Wikis This initial phase знакомста over знаккомства tutors and professors experimenting with writing assignments and the different engagement with literary texts that might be enabled пдп digital platforms such as the wiki or the blog post. About Dr. Stephen H. Gregg Dr Stephen H. Posted by Johng on Aug 26th, Posted by Smitha on Aug ппдп, Posted by Loryn on Jul 18th, Posted by Trix on Jul 18th, Posted by Emeline on Jul 19th, Posted by Lina on Jul 20th, Posted жнакомства Frankie on Jul 20th, Posted by Bryantax on Jan 20th, Posted by FrankFuh on Feb 2nd, Posted by Charliepaymn on Mar 2nd, Posted by LarryNob on Mar нзакомства, Posted by avaneegiro on May 25th, Posted by esiwajakevo on May 25th, Posted by seo знакомства on May знакоаства, Пп by iasanuj on May 25th, Знакомства by seo plugin on May 27th, Posted by araleozokarog on May 28th, Posted by DeweyLor on Jun 29th, Posted by AntonioHoice on Jul 4th, Posted by Dpkwkjceafe on Jul 18th, Posted by ngstyiceafe on Знапомства 19th, Posted by nekhciceafe on Jul 19th, Posted by ngaufxceafe on Jul 19th, Posted by nxdxsqceafe on Jul 19th, Posted пдп ntlkjxceafe on Знакомства 19th, Posted by ntxhwgceafe on Jul 19th, Posted by nczbgkceafe on Jul 19th, Posted by nimcwvceafe on Jul 19th, Posted by Anthonyfloap on Jul знакомства, Posted by navxdqceafe on Jul 19th, Posted пдп Jameswon on Jul 19th, Posted by ndclgyceafe on Пдп 20th, Posted by ndcxlxceafe on Jul 20th, Posted by viagra online on Jul 20th, Posted by nrcqzzceafe on Jul 21st, Posted by Herbertsix on Jul 22nd, Posted by Jasongeomy on Jul 22nd, Знакомсьва by Jasongeomy on Jul 23rd, Posted by Jasongeomy on Jul 24th, Posted by Jasongeomy on Jul 25th, Posted by buy viagra on Jul 25th, Posted by viagra without a doctor prescription on Jul 25th, Posted by EverettMig on Jul 25th, Posted by Stephenhah on Jul 25th, Posted by Jamesplerb on Jul 25th, Posted by Jamesplerb on Jul 26th, Posted by EverettMig on Jul 26th, знакомство Posted by StanleyHow on Jul 26th, Posted by Stephenhah on Jul 26th, Posted by viagra without a doctor prescription on Jul 26th, Posted by nbledaceafe on Jul 28th, Posted by cialis vs viagra on Jul 29th, Posted by FrankDus on Jul знакомства, Posted by Peterped on Знакомства 30th, Posted by AllenAlurn on Jul 30th, Posted by FrankDus on Jul 31st, Пп by AllenAlurn on Jul 31st, Posted by Peterped on Jul 31st, Posted by FrankDus on Aug 1st, Posted by FrankyDus on Aug 2nd, Posted by FrandyDus on Aug 5th, Posted by FrandyDus on Aug 6th, Posted by AllenAlurn on Aug 6th, Posted by Peterped on Aug 7th, Posted by AllenAlurn on Aug 7th, Posted by FrandyDus on Aug 7th, Posted by Peterped on Aug 8th, Posted by FrandyDus on Aug 8th, Posted by FrandyDus on Aug 9th, Posted by viagra on Aug 9th, Posted by WilliamDor on Aug 16th, Posted by buy viagra on Aug 18th, Posted знаеомства GlennPiero on Aug 18th, Posted by Matthewwab on Aug 18th, Пдп by sildenafil on Aug 18th, Posted by buyadobepremiere on Aug 24th, Posted by buyadobepremiere on Aug 25th, Posted by buyadobepremierepro on Aug 26th, Posted by buyadobepremiere on Aug 26th,

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    Deletion request here and here. A person who expresses art in the form of LSD sheets has no enforceable intellectual property rights over said art.

    Commons allows photos of illegal graffiti under the same premise that the artist of such materials пдп not legally come forward as a rightsholder. US law specifically provides for the loss of all property rights, tangible and intangible, for any item which is used to in any way to facilitate illegal drug trade, which would obviously include LSD art.

    Not done This is a work of art and someone has the rights to знакомства. Speedy deleted despite being simply considered "out of scope" violation of Commons' deletion policy. DR had no discussion. This is a book cover that was uploaded by the author. Copyright of the book is owned by the her, as can be seen here. The cover is text only, and should be ineligible anyway.

    File now has an OTRS. I think we could have undeleted it anyway as PD-text or PD-ineligible. File:Siobhan Magnus MA. It says "no indication on source page that the image has been released or that uploader is editor of source page". I just asked Simmer for permission. Not done It looks like you got close, but as Carl Lindberg says, the permission statement needs to be very explicit for us to be пдп to rely on it. Drawings deleted by Kameraad Pjotr with rational " These drawings are made based uplon photographs.

    Without those photographs, we cannot determine how much these are a derivative work. Drawings made from existing images photos, paintings, movies are знакомства works ". As author, I know that none of the drawings are derivative works. Photographs of Richard Perle were studied пдп documentary evidence only, and the drawings bare no resemblance to the photographs studied as documentation.

    I contest this deletion as effectively forbidding drawing as a technique. I have serious doubts as to the actual motivations of Pieter Kuiper for nominating these images, as well as to those of Kameraad Pjotr, often a Kuiper supporter, for deleting them.

    Finally, there is an overwhelming consensus in favour of пдп understanding of знакомства work" on the deletion request [4]. Rama talk21 November UTC. These files were deleted by Jameslwoodward on September 28, You may upload those images refering to OTRS ticket ".

    If there are no complaints, I'd like to ask administrators, who are currently on-line, to restore below listed files:.

    Pity, but Herby does not have much time to figure out current situation and declined responsibility. If there are any other, more or less experienced OTRS-volunteers, who have some time to read discussed letter I'll appreciate it a lot. If somebody will, please, pay attention to last part of the letter. Not done To me this was not valid permission and others do not seem to have disagreed so closed -- Herby talk thyme30 December UTC. Hola, me imagino que alguno de las datos que пдп introducido знакомства incorrecto pero no se cual.

    On the знакомства two images пдп recently deleted. I uploaded both images. I have all rights to the images. In addition, Bob Arno grants permission to upload the images. Thank you. Mercurie talk5 December UTC. Paintdiva talk7 December UTC. If you've filed OTRS, please just be patient; it will be processed may take as much as a week and, assuming it is in order, the image will be restored.

    OTRS has received permission for using this image. The ticket no for reference is Please undelete these files. The photos list above were deleted as missing permission information, but the author of these photos is myself. Undelection request, Thx. Kent talk7 December UTC kent I'm a new user and I can assure you that this image is the property of my employer www.

    All I was doing was updating the current logo and wanted to keep the same authorization settings but somehow didn't manage to. I just had my photos removed. This is the second time this has happened and the second time that I have written to you regarding the photos copywrite.

    The images are ALL mine. I took every single one of them with my own camera. I am the owner of the pictures and I would like to share them on Wiki.

    Recently, another person uploaded a photo as the prime representative for the American Eskimo Breed. This a problem. The dog's measurements and body structure are completely off. This is another falsity that misrepresents the breed. To put a sweater on an Eskie can actually cause the dog to easily overheat. Overall, this specific dog should not be a visual representative for the American Eskimo dog on Wikipedia's American Eskimo Dog page.

    This photo gives people the wrong idea, mainly due to this specific dog being very far from the correct breed пдп. It is clearly a mixed breed and it should absolutely not be the dog to represent this breed. To have this picture up on the prime American Eskimo page misinforms anyone who searches Wikipedia to find out about the American Eskimo. The photo is taken from EOS-utvalget 's website link and is in public domain not copyrighted.

    Could you please undelete the photo so the article comes in order again? Dagtho talk10 December UTC. Closedthe website is not in the public domain. To пдп the image on Wikimedia a permission is required. I'm working in Palma districts wikipedia articles and the images that I've modified were undeleted some time ago.

    You should consider whether it is appropriate to continue editing this page. The deletion and move log for this page are provided here for convenience:.

    I'm new on commons and what I understand is that the problem was that the file wasn't edited for a time, and then deleted. My request is for undeleting this file because now I will work on it and it will be useful for the wikipedia articles of Palma districts to locate different places on the city click here. I'm working in some articles related so maybe I'll find the same problem on many знакомства.

    Please tell me if this is the correct way of working with commons. I have found a picture to знакомства in it. Not empty any longer. Teofilo talk11 December UTC.

    I can't image why some user here makes fun of judging in my private photographs require a "copyright" or whatever Do undelete the picture please, I don't see why or for what reason I need to send a proof of my photography or would you like to see a picture of me standing next to the box to see that I'm right and your mod is just an idiot Closedwe have many pictures, not clear what the request пдп.

    Was deleted because it was marked with "all rights reserved" at Flickr and I tagged it as copyvio therefore. But I somehow missed it was a crop of знакомства existing image at Commons which was licensed пдп verified as cc-by Please undelete this file. I'd like to request an undeletion of File:Interstate 99 Map. If so, then it wouldn't be a copyright violation per se.

    Closedhave been undeleted. Hi Herby shown up as the author of the deletion remarkmy mind map is a scalable vector graphics diagram showing up how complex the topic information security is. Furthermore it illustrates how important this знакомства is for the future of information socities.

    Therefore this SVG-diagram is highly educational and very important in order to understand the key issues of information security. Знакомства is already used by the german wikipedia article about 'Informationssicherheit' information security as an illustrative diagram according the above stated educational objectives. Thanks everyone. The deletion of these pictures was argumented as being based on COM:FOP Russia - that the russian law would prohibit Freedom of panorama in знакомства where the "portrayal of the work is used in commercial purposes" which would be знакомства case here.

    The understanding and application of this new law Jan. No russian legal expert has given his comment on this understanding, no publications nor court cases are cited and none have even been filed. As a personal note, the original пдп text was commented by my russian friends as being "impossible to translate and understand correctly without legal experience in russia".

    My proposal is to undelete the respective files, tag them with a special category as proposed here and request a comment by a reputable russian legal entity. In the case that the conflict of the commons publishing with the russian law is confirmed, the pictures can quickly be removed.

    Brincken пдп21 December UTC.

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